Yale Sustainable Food Program

The West Campus Farm

The West Campus Urban Farm had its first growing season in 2013, working with members of the West Campus community to turn a previously unused hillside into a thriving Farm. The success of the Yale Farm in integrating community and academics helped create the inspiration and momentum to build a farm on Yale’s new campus. Like the Yale Farm, the West Campus Urban Farm acts as a layered learning environment, allowing for academics to engage in teaching and research on the Farm, while everyone — beginners and seasoned growers alike – tends the farm, harvests, and takes home produce.

This intentional overlapping of activities creates a diversity that is intended to lead to new collaborations. A typical day on the Farm might see a midwifery class from the neighboring Yale School of Nursing stop by the Farm to learn about nutrition issues, an undergraduate beekeeping society check up on their new hive designs for the Farm’s bees, and a volunteer group handle the trellising of the tomatoes.

On volunteer days, a Farm Manager will be on-site to introduce you to the farm and give helpful growing tips. Volunteer days are announced through the West Campus Urban Farm newsletter. Please subscribe to the newsletter if you’re interested. For more information, or to see if the West Campus Urban Farm is a place that could work into your research interests, please contact Justin Freiberg.