Yale Sustainable Food Program

Concentration in Sustainable Agriculture

For students interested in pursuing rigorous academic study of food, agriculture, and sustainability, the Environmental Studies (EVST) major now offers a concentration in Sustainable Agriculture.  This concentration builds upon required Environmental Studies courses to form a comprehensive program of study.  Because course offerings change from year to year, students should consult with John Wargo, Director of Undergraduate Studies for EVST, about the particulars of their planned course selection.  Past courses that could contribute to a concentration in Sustainable Agriculture have been listed below.

The major in Environmental Studies provides an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and responding to environmental problems. From the natural sciences, students learn experimental techniques and methods of analysis needed to make accurate observations, to document change, to distinguish those changes resulting from human activity, and to understand what comprises healthy landscapes and functioning ecosystems. Students look to the humanities and social sciences for explanations of the ways people behave and for analyses of our institutions and their social, political, and economic activities. The Environmental Studies major prepares students for graduate study in a range of disciplines including law, medicine, and public health, and for careers in business, environmental management and conservation, teaching, and writing. To see its homepage, visit www.yale.edu/evst. For the major’s official description major, visit www.yale.edu/yalecollege/publications/ycps/chapter_iv/environmental_studies.html.