Yale Sustainable Food Program

Advisory Board

The YSFP’s Advisory Board is a group of alumni, affiliates, faculty, and staff who care about food, agriculture, and the environment. They meet annually to celebrate sustainable food, discuss its future, and assist the YSFP in achieving its goals.

Advisory Board Members

William F. Brady III ’80

Helen Runnells DuBois ’78

Janet Ginsberg P ’10, ’14

Victoria Goldman P ’08, ’11

Erica Helms ’00

Corby Kummer ’79

George ’67 & Shelly Lazarus P ’02, ’10

Mark Lewis ’72

Rick Mayer ’82

Harold McGee ’78

Jacques Pepin

Michael Pollan

Daniel Pullman ’80 SOM ’87

Peter & Marla Schnall ’86

Ming Tsai ’86

Alice Waters P ’06

Yale University Faculty and Staff Affiliates

Peter Salovey, President of Yale University

Richard Levin, President Emeritus of Yale University

Mary Miller, Professor and former Dean of Yale College

Joseph W. Gordon, Dean of Undergraduate Education

J. Lloyd Suttle, Deputy Provost for Academic Resources

Sir Peter Crane, Carl W. Knobloch, Jr. Dean of the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Virginia Chapman, Director, Office of Sustainability

Eric Dufresne, Professor, Center for Engineering Innovation & Design

Paul Freedman, Chester D. Tripp Professor of History

Cecilia Jevitt, Associate Professor and Midwifery Specialty Coordinator

John Rogers, Professor of English, Master of Berkeley College 2001–2007

James Scott, Sterling Professor of Political Science

Rafi Taherian, Associate Vice President, Yale Hospitality

Maria Trumpler, Director Office LGBTQ Resources, Senior Lecturer Women’s Gender & Sexuality

John Wargo, Tweedy Ordway Professor of Environmental Health and Politics

Brian Wood, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Sustaining Donors

Alumni Association of New York


James A. Attwood, Jr ’80

Katherine Bermingham P ’13

William F. Brady III ’80

Margaret de Cuevas ’85

Helen Runnells DuBois ’78

Rebecca Falik ’04

Betsy & Jesse Fink Foundation

Alan ’83 & Janet Ginsberg P ’10, P ’14

Victoria Goldman P ’08, P ’11

William W. Gridley ’80

Aaron S. Hantman ’96

Rosetta W. Harris Charitable Lead Trust

Samuel Johnson ’85

Randall M. Katz ’79

George ’67 & Shelly Lazarus P ’02, P ’10

Mark Lewis ’72

Joseph Magliocco ’79

Dana K. Martin ’82

Rick M. Mayer ’82

Timothy D. Mattison ’73

William F. Messinger ’67

Daniel & Audrey Meyer P ’15

Arthur Milliken ’51

Daniel Pullman ’80, SOM ’87

William Reese ’77

Eve Hart Rice ’73

Wendy Conway Schmidt ’77

John Schmidt ’77

Peter ’86 & Marla ’86 Schnall

S. Donald Sussman P ’07

Yale Club of New York City

Sarah Greenhill Wildasin ’83

James M. Wildasin ’83

Robert D. Wilder ’82

Founding Directors

Melina Shannon-DiPietro

Josh Viertel

Lazarus Fellows in Food and Agriculture

Lucas Dreier ’04 

Laura Hess ’06  

Hannah Burnett ’08 

Zan Romanoff ’09 

Kate O’Shaughnessy ’10

Isabelle Napier ’14

Austin Bryniarski ’16

Current Staff

Mark Bomford, Director

Jacqueline Munno, Programs Manager, International and Professional Experience

Jeremy Oldfield,  Manager, Field Academics

Austin Bryniarski ‘16, Lazarus Fellow

Additional Thanks

Over the past decade we have brought together a true community. We work with individuals and organizations in New Haven and across the globe. Our supporters come in many forms, and there are far too many to list here by name. You know who you are—and we continue to be grateful for your generosity.